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The Great Manchester Run 2016

All the training, all the hard work and now the day had arrived.

Team Collect a Case had spent the last few months training for the Great Manchester Run, a 10K event which is a classic distance that covers all the bases. It’s far enough to test you without destroying you in a way that a longer event can, yet short enough to enter a quick time, even if you are new to running.

Mike was first to start at 11:55 in the White wave, followed by Helen, Izaak, Liam and Charlotte at 12:25 in the Blue wave. Then came Fiona at 13:10 in the Green wave and in the last Pink wave we had Val, Rachel, Cat and Emma all at 13:30.

UntitledThe weather was fantastic at the start, the sun really shone and the roads began to fill with runners all with their own important stories. We were running for a great cause, the Rossndale Trust. The Rossendale Trust provides supported living care to adults with learning and physical disabilities in purpose built apartments in Sutton and Macclesfield and houses in Buxton. The Trust continually strives to create an environment where everyone is encouraged to reach and live to their own personal full potential.

The route takes runners through the heart of Manchester, passing by iconic tourist sites such as the Imperial War Museum and Manchester United’s home ground, Old Trafford.
Before the race began all the runners were subjected to a warm up session, personal space was thrown out of the window as people swung arms and lifted legs to get their muscles warmed up and ready to go.

Moving closer and closer to the start the realisation dawned on us just what we had to do! 10km of running but crossing the start line and seeing all the people gathered around to watch and knowing what we were running for, made it feel like a challenge worth doing.

The weather turned out to be Jekyll and Hyde, the sun lured us all into a false sense of security early on in the day but by the time the Pink wave had started the clouds had set in and the rain had started to fall. Rachel commented the weather was so bad that she couldn’t breathe at one stage.
Along the route entertainment was laid on with bands singing up beat and lively songs trying to encourage runners to just KEEP going!!! Spectators were fantastic in their attempts to encourage runners on. One board screamed “The dinosaurs are hungry”!!!

When the final 1km sign came into view, the runners who had something left to give pushed hard to the line, others were just glad to see the end in sight and kept jogging.
Crossing the line really gave a mixed feeling of elation that it was done but also the empty feeling of it was over. Members of the support team were handing out goody bags with obligatory t-shirt, some sustenance and a packet of uncooked RICE (the mind boggles).

To finish the day off, Team Collect a Case gathered in the Deansgate pub to share their stories such as the runners who had fallen over or “the Man with the fridge on his back” but we all wanted to know WHO WON. So drum roll please.

1 Charlotte 0:53:11
2 Liam 0:53:12
3 Helen 0:54:21
4 Izaak 0:55:58
5 Mike 0:58:08
6 Rach 1:02:01
7 Emma 1:09:00
8 Fiona 1:10:00
9 Val 1:11:00
10 Cat 1:14:00


The day was a fantastic success and the final figure that we raised for the Rosendale Trust was £1326.00 (total raised including Gift Aid: £1543.75)


The Great Manchester Run 2016 was last modified: May 23rd, 2016 by Mike Feely

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