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Smart Phones In Business

Smartphones are quickly changing the way millions of people around the world are conducting business.

No longer just a large, brick-shaped paperweight used simply to make phone calls and send text messages, not forgetting the added feature of the highly addictive Snake game, mobile phones now have the potential to augment nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

Mobile revolutions are leading us to new levels of connectivity, productivity, and discovery.

Here are five ways Smartphones are changing the business landscape:

Streamlined Communication

Since their creation, the key feature of mobile phones has been their capability to send and receive calls from across the world.   Smartphone technology has built on this, adding efficiencies that make business communications more refined than ever before.

Using a voice only conversation seems a thing of the past, we can now send various forms of media eg; text messages, emails and cloud services across social media platforms. We live in a space age era where Smartphones allow us to have face-to-face video communication with anyone around the world with just a few taps of our fingers.

More Possibilities in More Places

Smartphones give us the freedom to do many things in many places. With Smartphones you can check your email, do your taxes, shop, read the news, consult the stock market, and check important financial information from any location where there is service.

Using a Smartphone during the morning commute on public transport gives you the opportunity to catch up on business memos, plan your day, and ultimately prepare for work ahead.

Our bespoke CC-GO! mobile application and digital signatures platform takes document collection and digital signatures to new levels


Personal Organisation Made Simple

It once was a massive chore to effectively manage business documents and files, but modern-day Smartphones provide the ability to neatly organise everything for you.

Whether you’re searching for a specific email from months back, or you would like to remind yourself of the last time you spoke with a client, Smartphones make browsing and retrieving your personal information simple.

Smartphone technology also acts as a personal assistant, allowing users to set up reminders about forthcoming business meetings, bill payment dates, and future deadlines.


Building and upholding business relationships is key in today’s fast-paced world, especially with the arrival of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Being able to access information about acquaintances and clients whilst you are on-the-go makes a huge difference to daily business interactions. For example, if you’re going to a business meeting with someone you’ve only met once, you can go to Facebook or LinkedIn to find out more about them.


And finally, On-Demand Stress Relief

At times we all feel stressed by the pressures of our business. Now workers have access to high-quality games directly on their phones. Play time is sometimes just what is needed after a stressful meeting or dealing with a difficult client.


Smartphones are revolutionising the way we conduct our business, interact with those around us, and keep track of an ever-changing social landscape. At Collect a Case we understand this concept. Smartphone technology has helped vastly improve the service we provide to our clients.

Our bespoke CC-GO! mobile application and digital signatures platform takes document collection and digital signatures to new levels. It allows the hands on approach to every aspect of document collection in the digital world, whether it be an instant document upload or application of digital signatures.

Our CC-GO! mobile application enables our Collect a Case field agents and DEA’s to react instantly to accept jobs, update cases and access a step-by-step digital document check list.

Smartphone technology – we salute you.


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