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Freeing up hidden costs…

Have you ever thought about unnecessary costs wasted on printing, posting and physically chasing applications within your business?

On average, you spend approximately £3.70 on each individual case you handle…

This seems acceptable, but when you’re converting at 30% and you’ve sent out 50 packs, are 15 completed cases good enough or sustainable?

Let’s break it down. Taking in consideration the cost of:

Wages: £42 per day
(Minimum wage)

Printing/Paper: £0.15 (per sheet)

Envelope: £0.10

Postage: £1.29
(average) per case

Pack chasing: …time


£42 (wages) ÷ 50 (number of cases) = £0.84

10 (Sheets) x £0.15 = £1.50

Envelope £0.10

Postage £1.29 Average Per Case


= £3.73


On the basis of 50 cases each having the value of £200 with a 30% conversion, you’ll see a profit of £2,825 per day, after deducting your overall cost (from the above sum).

By using Collect a Case, you can free up hidden costs.

Yes, that’s right! You can now release valuable time and money within your key sales force from chasing applications from posted packs that stood minimal chance of being returned.

Our service mean that you will no longer need to award holiday pay or cover salaries when staff aren’t sitting or chasing individual cases.

…but when you’re converting at 30% and you’ve sent out 50 packs, are 15 completed cases good enough or sustainable?

With Collect a Case, you pay £49 per case.

Converting at 90%, you’ll receive 45 cases back.

That’s a revenue of £9,000 – an extra £3,725 after you’ve paid the appointment fee.

You could say our service pays for itself…

Click here to view and try out our Profit Calculator 

Simple right?

Typically we would expect to see an increase in return rates of applications from around 30% on postal signature applications up to 90% by using the service provided by Collect a Case.

Posting and waiting for signature packs will seem like a thing of the past. With our interfacing technology representing your company, you’ll never be waiting on your client’s signature or important documents to be returned and signed again.

Our software allows you to track your document from that first initial input, right through to receiving the completed pack back on your desk.

You have our assurance that the individual visiting your client will present themselves as if they were working directly for your company. We have highly skilled field agent staff, equipped with the latest mobile technology and knowledge to ensure that your cases are collected quickly and professionally.



Freeing up hidden costs… was last modified: April 6th, 2016 by Phill Slater

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