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Don’t choose a document collection service company until you have read this!

We know from experience that the first thought in the mind of the business decision maker, in consideration of using services like those that we offer, will usually be.. “I need to find the cheapest price”. That is completely understandable, but could end up being a considerable mistake, not to mention a total false economy.

Here are some things to look for, which are often overlooked:-


  • Is the sign up company new? We have been in business for almost ten years now so, being well established, we have great geographical coverage, long standing agent relationships (we know them well) and a wealth of experience, as well as a best in the market system/portal which has got to where it is by all of those years of development and adjustment to meet the differing needs of all of our clients.


  • Are they an authorised/regulated company (a sign of a fit and proper company)? We are authorised by the FCA, which, although our permissions may differ from some of the markets we deal with, displays us as fit and proper. You can feel confident in how we deal with your clients and handle their data.


  • Does the sign up firm do other things, separate from sign up? This could encourage a conflict of interest and endanger your client data. We only do sign up work, and we only use your data for this work and nothing else.


  • Do they have a safe system for capturing your client identification and document images etc? We have our own bespoke app which our agents use to complete jobs. This means that unlike other collection companies, your clients identification and images of their supporting documents are held in a secure, encrypted area on the agents device and then the data is safely transferred back to our portal for you to access. At this point it is removed from the agent app/device. We know that many of our competitors do not have this technology and as a result, your clients data will be collected in amongst the agents own personal family photos, until they email them over to you, This also relies on the agent to remember to remove this information from their tablet or smart phone.


  • Do they have a live diary system on their portal that will show you agent availability instantly, so that you can close the sale and even tell your client the name of the agent that will be visiting? Our system will provide this as well as a whole host of support mechanisms throughout the client journey; from initial automatic appointment confirmations, reminders as the appointment time nears, by sms, email and voice broadcast, to providing you with updates on any changes from beginning to end of the process.


  • What happens when things go wrong? This will always happen even to the best of us but Collect a Case allows you to rate each individual case on our system and where we have made a mistake we’ll go back and sort it out.  Will other companies be as transparent?

Just a few things to help you judge whether your business is being afforded the best and safest possible solution.

In choosing Collect a Case as your client document explanation, sign up and collection partner, you can rest assured that everything is in place in terms of the expertise, the systems and the support, to not only streamline, but also to protect your business as we help you to grow.

Please feel welcome to contact us if you would like to find out more, or even, discuss a trial with us.

Don’t choose a document collection service company until you have read this! was last modified: August 9th, 2016 by Glenn Buttler

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