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Calling for Introducers and Lead Generators

Collectacase are pleased to announce that we can now take qualified and validated leads for the following measures

  • Cavity Wall CSCO
    £60.00 - £350.00
  • Cavity Wall CERO
    £60.00 - £200.00
  • Loft Insulation
    £70.00 - £200.00
  • Boiler replacement
    90% of UK Covered



We cover the following schemes – CSCO, CSCO Rural, CERO and HHCRO. A valid lead will require the following:

  • AWG Form where applicable
  • Technical survey
  • EPC with xml – Lodgement fee covered by us!
  • Photographs
  • Evidence of benefits for HHCRO measures
  • Drilling with cavity measurements
Collectacase Users
CLICK HERE To register as an introducer!
Non-Collectacase Users
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Paperless Process

Our bespoke app allows you to complete the full lead generation process digitally – no need for a carbon pad or risk assessment forms.

IOS & Android Compatible App

You can download CC-Go! from the app or play store now.

Instant Survey Delivery

Surveys can be transferred to us directly from your device, saving you administration time and cutting down the customer journey from survey to install.

Commission Tracking

Using CC-GO! you can monitor when your leads have been invoiced and when the payment will clear into your account. All payments are made twice monthly, 4 weeks in arrears.


For introducers that are not accredited DEAs, there is the opportunity to still benefit from the above rates and use Collectacase’s existing network of DEAs to complete your validation for you.

  • Online booking facility
  • Postcode validation tool to identify the scheme
  • Case tracking facility
  • National coverage
  • Rates for a full survey, technical assessment and evidence capture from £60+Vat
  • Below is an example comparison of a lead provider who sells Cavity Leads for £35 per survey against using our verification appointment offering to produce works orders.

    Lead Only

    10 x Surveys @ £35.00 = £350.00

    Works Orders


    4x Cavity Recommendation and install @ £130.00 = £520.00

    3x Dual Measure Recommendation and install @ £220.00 = £660.00

    Total commission = £1,180


    7x Full Surveys @ £69.00 = £483.00

    3x Failed Surveys @ £25.00 = £75.00

    Total cost = £558.00

    Commission Less Deductions = £622.00 (av. £62.20 per survey)

    Example payment schedule for commission:

    Day 1 - Lead delivered

    Day 4 - Survey carried out

    Day 4 - Install date booked

    Day 7 - Order submitted for install

    Day 8 - Invoice raised for Survey

    Day 21 - Commission paid to lead provider

    IMPORTANT - If your surveyed leads have a very poor conversion rate below 35-40%, your deductions may be greater than your commissions and you would be liable for the shortfall. This payment would be due on day 38.

    The costs of the surveys would be on 30 day terms to allow the commissions to be paid in time to contra the associated costs so as not to impact your cash flow.

    YOUR COMMISSION WOULD BE PAID AT THE DEA COMMISSION RATE LISTED ON THE RATE TABLE BASED ON SCHEME. Min £70.00, Max £250.00 plus £100.00 if a boiler was identified.

Profit calculator

Use our Additional Income Calculator to see how much money you could add to your bottom line. Just fill in the required fields and press calculate!

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Commission using post only:


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Commission using Collect a Case after costs


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