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The cricket season has soon bowled around again, and we have an excellent all-rounder in our midst at Collect a Case.

On Saturday 27th May, our Web Developer, Andy Heath, donned his cricket whites, picked up his bat, and tonked a few good balls across the pitch at Poynton Sports Club against opposing team Oakmere CC in the Cheshire Cricket League Division 2 – 2017.

Tonk – To give the ball a good wallop, onomatopoeically named after the sound a good hit makes. See also biff, thwack, belt, spank and leather.

Andy has been playing for Poynton CC for over 16 years now, and by all accounts he’s somewhat of a star player.  He gave charge without letting in too many dollies by hoicking the ball across the pitch and running to victory for 24 runs not out.

To give charge – When a batsman leaves his crease to attack the ball, usually against a slow bowler. By doing this he can convert a good-length ball into a half-volley.

Whilst out on the field, Andy managed not to drop any sitters and he and his fellow teammates kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Poynton won the league match 102 for 7 (41 overs) after Oakmere’s first innings score of 96 all out (44 overs).    Well done Poynton CC and well done to Andy!

Collect a Case is very supportive of its company family and down the years we have shown support for and taken part in several types of charitable and social events.

We’ve run the Great Manchester Run, we’ve peddled our way on static bikes from Lands End to John O’Groats, we’ve baked and eaten far too many cakes than is good for our collective waistline and we’ve donated cash and food to local food banks.

This time, we sponsored a selection of refreshments for Poynton CC to enjoy during the playing of this match, and they very kindly gave us a local mention on social media. Howzat?!!

Other Cricket references

Dollie – An easy catch.

Hoick – An unrefined shot played to the leg side usually across the line of the ball.

Sitter – The easiest, most innocuous and undroppable catch that a fielder can ever receive. To drop one of these is to invite a whole world of pain from the crowd and constant embarrassment from the giant replay screen.

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